Touchstones are beautiful, small and portable. You can carry them around with you wherever you go or keep them near so that at any time you need to you can reach out and run your fingers across the surface, or pick them up and hold them close. Ever since I created touchstones for both my mother and father, I have found much comfort in having them with me and knowing that they’re there.

Touchstones can be personalised with ease. Through consultation with Lisa, the perfect touchstone can be created for your loved one, allowing you to be in charge of the design and its features. As such, the memories and thoughts of your loved ones can be preserved in the design. For example, your loved one may have been in the Armed Forces, in which case we’re more than happy to create a matching design or message that will always remind you of that.

However, our memorial glass touchstones can be made with or without cremated ashes, and after a long period of refinement they can be made even more tactile than ever. They have a new look which makes them stand out even more, and we call them pillow touchstones for the way they rise softly and provide comfort whenever you need it.


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