Memorial Bowls

Memorial Bowls

What makes a memorial bowl special? If you like the idea of having a piece of memorial glass, but you’re not sure what to have, why not consider one of our memorial bowls. Memorial bowls are designed to be put in the places that matter. Each one can be customised to your liking, down to size, design and lettering and are perfect for creating a special spot in your home. Prices start from £69.00. Depending on the complexity of the design the price will vary. The smallest of our bowls is designed to fit on any small table in your home, but we can also do larger pieces to fit larger tables.
Bowls can be made with or without ashes.
There is an example below that shows what can be done with memorial bowls. In this case, the customer wanted us to include the name “Willow” and had Lisa do an interpretation of a willow tree on a sunset landscape. The result is as you see below.

20cm Square Bowl

from £65.00

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