About The Rose Still Grows

Handmade Bespoke Fused Memorial Glass

My Touchstone Story

The idea behind The Rose Still Grows was brought about by the terrible and tragic loss of my beloved mother. She was cremated, as was her request, and as time passed by I found myself searching for a way to keep her close to me by crafting something from her ashes. I felt that if I turned her ashes into something, then she would always be by my side. It was then that it dawned on me that I had the capabilities to do it myself. I run a fused glass company usually specialising in more contemporary art, but in creating this piece of art for my mother, my skills and abilities would be tested to serve a much more sentimental purpose. I developed a method of encapsulating a small amount of ashes inside the glass, and the Touchstone was born.

The Touchstone can always be customised to suit the individual. My mother, for example, was a very special person and she loved the colour red, so her Touchstone was created in a rich red with a bright gold heart. I felt this suited her best. I sank it into a lovely piece of black polished Welsh slate and had it engraved. It stands proudly in my back garden and I’m sure she would have loved it.

My Vision

When I lost my father, a short while after my mother, he too was cremated. I wanted to keep him close to me just like I had wished for my mother to be with me, and I set about creating his own personal Touchstone. Due to his prior service in the Royal Air Force, I chose his stone to be made in an appropriate blue with the RAF emblem set into the stone. I think that he would have liked it.

Now, I keep them both near to me so that whenever I need to I can just place my hand on the Touchstones and I know that they are still with me. I can’t simply tell you how much strength it gives me in my everyday life. I hope that my Touchstones will keep your own loved ones close.


Lisa Villarospo