Handmade Bespoke Fused Memorial Glass
Unique, Relevant and Meaningful
Handmade Bespoke Fused Memorial Glass
keeping loved ones close to hand and heart..

Handmade Bespoke Fused Memorial Glass

Nothing is worse than the loss of a loved one. You may be looking for something to keep their memory alive. With our fused memorial glass, we are able to create meaningful mementos which will keep them close to your heart.

Our products are available with or without cremated ashes.

All of our products are handmade and can be completely personalised to create something unique, relevant and meaningful to you. Please contact us by calling 0161 877 2058 or by filling in the contact form found here.

Memorial Glass

Our beautiful and bespoke memorial glass is the perfect way to remember your loved ones. Together with Lisa, you can discuss possibilities and how you personally want to remember your lost loved ones. With fused glass, you have many options allowing you to ensure your memorial or funeral glass is just right.


Memorial glass touchstones are small and portable, and the perfect way to ensure you’ll always be close to your loved one’s ashes in glass. You can carry touchstones around with you or keep them near so that at any time you need to you can reach out and run your fingers across the surface, or pick them up and hold them close.


A personalised gardenstone is a lovely way to remember a loved one through the medium of memorial glass. They stand tall and proud in any garden, and can work on top of gravel, patio kits, paving stones or grass and other soft substances.

Pet Memorial Glass

Losing a pet is often as much a loss as losing a family member. It’s only natural that we want to treat them with the same respect when they pass, and our beautiful memorial glass can give you something to remind you of them from time to time.

Memorial Bowls

If you like the idea of having a piece of memorial glass, but you’re not sure what to have, why not consider one of our memorial bowls? Memorial bowls are designed to be put in the places that matter, guaranteeing you’ll never be left without a unique and bespoke way to remember your loved one.


You can get a lot of comfort from knowing that you’re being watched over by your loved ones. Here’s a simple idea.. Our keyrings can help you remember your loved ones by keeping them with you wherever you go.


Our awards are bespoke and personalised to your organisation. Often, a glass award can be the perfect piece to reward an accomplishment.

Wedding Favours

If you or someone that you know have a special day coming up, we can create something different for wedding favour ideas. 

A Bespoke Approach to Ashes In Glass

Here at The Rose Still Grows, we’ve been creating beautiful handmade memorial glass touchstones and more for a while now, and we believe that we’ve finely honed our craft. If you’ve been looking for a unique and truly special way to place a loved one’s ashes in glass, we can create something that will ensure they’ll always be with you.

Our work is perfect for funeral glass, and comes in all shapes and sizes. From touchstones perfect for your day to day life, all the way to gardenstones encased in fine stonework and bowls that ensure your loved one will always be there to watch over your home, we can create bespoke glass that you can treasure forever.

We understand just how important it is to remember your loved ones in the way that you want, which is why all of our memorial glass is made bespoke and can be completely personalised in order to ensure that your touchstones, gardenstones and more help you cherish the memory of your loved ones forever. Whether you’ve lost someone with a past in the Armed Forces that you’re proud to remember them by, or you’ve recently said goodbye to a pet and you remember the place where they loved to be most, we’ll be more than happy to translate those images into our funeral glass.

We can create touchstones, memorial and funeral glass with or without putting a loved one’s ashes in glass. Just let us know what you need and we’ll soon be creating you something perfect.